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How to enter

This award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate Employers' commitment to training and development and how this is creating impact and achieving success. Entries will be judged against the following criteria:

  • The organisation, teams and individual needs are clearly defined and measured
  • The learning and development activity is fit for purpose and resources are used effectively and efficiently
  • The delivery of learning and development activities benefits employers, individuals and/or society
  • The improved individual and team performance is maintained

These four categories are aimed at varying sizes of organisation and businesses where the entry concerns the development of the organisation's own staff (or their volunteers), not those of a client or members of the community.

Please note that colleges, schools and other training providers will need to enter in the Employer category if the training described is for their own staff.

Regional branches / divisions / subsidiary organisations which have their own profit centre (i.e. they are a section of a company for which costs, revenues, and profits are calculated separately and which is treated in the management accounts as if it were a separate business) which incorporates a training budget, can be classed as independent for NTA. This means that they can enter in the Small or Medium Employer categories as appropriate, however, if the smaller organisation does not have its own profit centre then they need to enter as part of the wider organisation.

There are four Award categories in the National Training Awards

  1. Small Employer category (0- 49 employees) [Organisations with 20 or less employees are not required to be Investors in People accredited to enter the Awards]
  2. Medium Employer category (50-249 employees)
  3. Large Employer category (250-999 employees)
  4. Macro employer (1,000+ employees)

If you are still unsure which category to enter please contact the helpline on 0800 0191 475 or info@nationaltrainingawards.com for more advice.