days to deadline of 20th May 2011

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How to enter

In order to enter the 2011 Awards you will need to have achieved and have the current Investors in People Standard.

Here are 10 top hints and tips from the Judges :

  1. Download the entry guidance booklet. This contains key information about what the Judges are looking for in your entry.
  2. Attend an information seminar. These short seminars are run by experienced NTA professionals who will walk you through the process of preparing your entry and give you handy tips on what the Judges are looking for.
  3. Don't rush into putting pen to paper. Start off with an outline of what you want to say, beginning with keyword notes and then building up the information needed to avoid having to edit down excess words.
  4. Be concise to keep within the word count for each section - use bullet points where appropriate, but avoid your story becoming a series of bullet points.
  5. Manage your time when preparing your entry. If you tend to leave things to the last minute, set yourself an early deadline so that you avoid the problem of scrabbling around for essential information.
  6. Keep a log or file of all the data that you use in your entry. If you are selected for an on-site visit, you will need to provide the Judges with this information to support your entry. Having it all together will make your life (and the Judges) much easier.
  7. Involve others when preparing your entry.
  8. It's important that you avoid jargon and making assumptions about what the Judges will know about your type of organisation or industry.
  9. Send your entry by one method only to avoid duplication and problems for the administration team.
  10. Finally don't be too modest! But equally, avoid making assertions where you don't have appropriate supporting evidence. Always describe relevant evidence to support your claims in the entry.

Best of luck with your 2011 entry, we look forward to reading it!