days to deadline of 20th May 2011

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The National Training Awards Press Office will send out press releases following the announcement of the regional finalists, regional ceremonies and the Gala.

The Press Office will also be happy to provide comments from spokespeople at The National Training Awards and Government for you to include in your own releases.

And don't forget to include any press releases on your website, intranet and in your company newsletter to ensure your exciting news reaches all your stakeholders.

Please click on the links below to view the press release.

UK Gala Ceremony - World Class Skills
UK Gala Ceremony - The National Training Awards’ New Look
UK Gala Ceremony - Training as an Investment
UK Gala Ceremony - Reaching Your Goals
UK Gala Ceremony - The 2007 Winners Unveiled
Yorkshire and the Humber Winners
West Midlands Winners
South West Winners
South East Winners
North West Winners
North East Winners
London Winners
East Midlands Winners
East of England Winners


Social Media
Including news of your success with the National Training Awards on your company's social networking site is another great way to shout about your achievements.

Company literature
Announcing you have won a National Training Award can add real kudos to your company - remember to include your achievement on email signatures, business cards and company literature.