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The National Training Awards Press Office will send out press releases following the announcement of the regional finalists, regional ceremonies and the Gala.

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Success Stories sought for National Training Awards 2010

The 2010 National Training Awards is seeking stories of how training has transformed businesses, organisations and communities.

Run on behalf of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) by UK Skills, the National Training Awards celebrate organisations and individuals that can demonstrate outstanding business and personal success through an investment in training.

The National Training Awards' six categories are open to individuals, businesses and training providers of all sizes across all industries throughout the UK.  The National Training Awards has also announced that for the second consecutive year businesses that have invested in training as a direct result of the recession will have the opportunity to showcase their work in the 'Now is the Time' Award.  This will form the seventh category for this year's Awards. 

Simon Bartley, CEO, UK Skills said:  "From speaking with past winners of the National Training Awards we have established that more than half have enjoyed increased awareness amongst their customer base, with a further third stating they have gained additional business following winning an award. 

"Entering the Awards provides a real opportunity to benchmark your training against the rest of the UK, so step up now and be recognised for your hard work."    

The closing date for this year's Awards is Friday 23rd April 2010.           

Free information sessions about the Awards and how to enter are being held throughout the country.  To find out where the information sessions are taking place or to reserve a place please phone 0800 0191 475 or email info@nationaltrainingawards.com

For more information or to enter the Awards please visit: www.nationaltrainingawards.com.


About The National Training Awards

  • The National Training Awards (NTA) identify and celebrate organisations and individuals that have achieved really outstanding business and personal success through investment in training.
  • Run on annual basis, The National Training Awards are free to enter and open in January.  Entries close in April.
  • The National Training Awards includes the following categories:  Large Employer (250 +), Medium Employer (50-249), Small Employer (49 and under), Training Provider, Partnership and Collaboration and Individual.
  • The 'Now is the Time' category was launched in 2009 to encourage employers who have invested in training during the recession, to share their experiences and get public recognition to their commitment to training and re-skilling. 
  • The National Training Awards are organised on behalf of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) by UK Skills.  The National Training Awards support the training delivered by organisations working on the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • The National Training Awards support the Skills Pledge.
  • For more information visit www.nationaltrainingawards.com         



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