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UK Gala Ceremony - World Class Skills

Seeing is Believing – Creating World Class Skills in the UK


The UK needs to see more examples of world class skills in order to develop them according to Simon Bartley, chief executive of UK Skills.

“When it comes to creating world class skills in the UK then I believe the solution can be summed up in three words:  seeing is believing.  When you see what someone else has achieved, it gives you ideas and inspiration as to how to you can achieve the same, or better, results yourself.

“At the National Training Awards gala ceremony in London last night I saw 55 examples of people and organisations that are striving to be world class in what they do.”

Simon Bartley said the UK currently had a strong economy and world-leading employment levels, but needed to develop people’s skills in order to maintain this position.

“The Leitch Review of Skills warns of declining economic growth if we neglect this.  It gave the government a target of 2020 for achieving world class skills or face a diminishing role in the global economy.

“This leaves a very important question in my mind:  do we really know what world class skills are?

“I don’t believe it is simply about being in the top 10 in the OECD tables for qualifications levels, or adult participation in learning, or employer investment, as good as these things are. 

“It’s far easier to see what world class skills on the ground. It is where skills are clearly being used to drive a business; to make it more successful. It is where skills allow an individual to achieve their goals to have a better quality of life and a real sense of achievement.

“One of the winners celebrated at the National Training Awards ceremony last night was TRB Limited of Denbighshire.  The company sent 30 staff overseas to train as champions to meet the high standards of its Japanese parent company.  As a result of doing this, the company’s efficiency increased and its output was boosted by 18 percent.”

 “We can’t afford to be complacent.  Another winner celebrated last night was TNT Express Services UK and Ireland. Four years ago they faced tough competition from rivals that had improved their services. They also faced a shortage of drivers. 

“However by introducing training programmes targeted at managers, loading bay operatives and drivers, the company reduced costs and labour turnover while increasing its profits and customer trading base.

“Also joining us last night were 14 members of the UK’s WorldSkills 2007 team, including three of our four medalists.  Their performances at this international skills competition are another example of world class skills in action.

“Like so many of our training awards winners and our WorldSkills team, the UK needs to keep up with its global rivals or face the consequences.”


For more information or to interview Simon Bartley contact:
Kathryn Crookenden          ph. 020 7612 9261   kathryn.crookenden@ukskills.org.uk
Communications Executive, UK Skills


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